About Us

     For almost 100 years the medical and recreational use of marijuana was prohibited in the United States. A 100 % natural plant was not only outlawed but demonized and criminalized as well. However, we as a country have come a long way in recent times and today we can proudly say that 33 states and the District of Columbia have currently passed laws broadly legalizing marijuana in some form!

      Now you can celebrate cannabis culture with Legalize Marijuana Apparel. The company, started by a permanently and totally disabled veteran, Adrian Lawrence started his Legalize Marijuana Apparel clothing line combing his love of country and “Legalize It” culture. The line consists of five different collections all with a unique appeal. They all feature the company’s bold and powerful American Flag Marijuana leaf logo.

      Each collection has its own style and message. There is the standard American Flag Marijuana Leaf collection and the 100% Natural collection that both prominently feature the logo and make a statement about what marijuana is and why it should be legalized. These simple yet powerful collections feature bags, flags, blankets, and all different styles of shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets.

      Being run by a military veteran, they also produce a Salute to Service line. These are camouflage inspired shirts that come in classic green or black and white and feature marijuana leaves as the pattern. Similarly, the Scales of Justice collection shows the traditional scales used to represent the American justice system composed of marijuana leaves. Finally, whether you live in one of the 33 states that have legalized weed or not, you can rep your favorite state with the Represent Your Home collection. Pick from one of the 52 ringer tees (50 states plus D.C. and Puerto Rico) to show your pride and support of legalization in your home state. The shirts have the state name in script on the front, a silhouette of the state on one sleeve and the Legalize Marijuana Apparel on the other.

     Legalize Marijuana Apparel is a great brand with a great message. Weed is natural, patriotic and should be celebrated. If you are an American who is passionate about this cause, there is no better brand representing how you feel. With so many designs and collections to choose from, you’ll be able to find something to fit every style.